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    A plant concerned with radio-electronic equipment design and production was set up in Lviv in 1944 to evolve consequently into LORTA Lviv State Plant (LORTA LSP). LORTA Lviv State Plant is a basic enterprise producing equipment for military purposes. The major business lines of the plant include production of:
     - airborne equipment (radio-telemetric systems communicating the flying object location data to earth station, space vehicle control equipment, SHF radio receivers, equipment intended to form radio commands being installed in antitank missiles);
     - radar installations;
     - earth radio equipment (equipment intended to form flying control radio command being mounted in tanks, armoured troop-carriers and helicopters, digital computing systems and documenting equipment for missile target flying process in anti-aircraft missile air-defence systems of any design);
     - service stations providing trouble-shooting and maintenance of digital computers in air-defence anti-aircraft missile systems;
    - measuring equipment (oscilloscopes C1-83, C1-99, C1-104, 1101, 1204 with a bandwidth in the range of 5 MHz to 500 MHz).
    The plant is eager to engage in co-operation in the field of  design and production of any kind of radio-electronic equipment for military purposes and dealing with the following processes:
    -production of multilayer printed circuit boards (up to 24 layers; conductors 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm wide; conductor spacing 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm );
    -production of wave guides and wave guide assemblies, those of  millimeter band including;
    -production of precise mechanics compact assemblies;
    -production of large size reduction dears and wheels (up to 1000 mm in diameter) for revolving radar installations.

    LORTA LSP states its readiness for co-operation in the field of design, modernization and production under Command System theme.

   Please contact with:

Shymkov Volodymyr Ivanovich, Director of LORTA Lviv State Plant,
Tel:  380 322 623781;
Fax:  380 322 620039;






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