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TIUS-B, TIUS-B72 - Tank ballistic computing subsystems, designed to complete both new and modernize existent(T-72) tanks, in contrast to existent subsystems, considers the bend of barrel, the real speed of packet and form adaptive zone of shot permission. These subsystems ensures computing and forming the signals of corrections in the fire control system, depending on range value, shot types, atmosphere parameters values, heel and target mark control of thermal imaging sight and tank armament control.
TIUS-H, TIUS-HM - Navigation and communication subsystems, designed to ensure automatic control of motion and interaction of armoured troops, ensure determination and graphical imaging the own location coordinates, subordinate vehicles and destinations, imaging the movement direction for prescribed routes and automatic address telecode radioconnection with cryptography protection mode of information.
SUAZ-120, SUAZ-125 - Loader control subsystems, for calibres 120 mm and 125 mm correspondenly, ensure the operation with different types of ammunition, automatic and emergency loading from gunner and commander place, automatic and emergency loading/unloading of the main conveyor, reloading the ammunition from body conveyor to turret one, control the circuits of fire from gun and coupled machinegun from gunner and commander place.
TIUS-Z - Smoke-curtain installation subsystem for protection from laser guided weapons. This subsystem ensures automatic identification of radiation source, tank turret additional turn, smoke grenade shoting control with consideration the real parameters of side wind, own speed and tank movement direction.
TIUS-ZU - Tank antiaircraft device control subsystem in horizontal and vertical flatnesses ensures wide range of adjustment of antiaircraft device rate of fire, accomplishment algorythms of diagnostic system and emergency identification conditions.
TIUS-I - Millimeter wave band radar subsystem tank packet muzzle velocity measuring for considering its real speed in ballistic computer.
TIUS-K, TIUS-E - Prelaunching control modes, launching, operation and stopping of auxiliary tank engine subsystem, which increasing the main engine and battery life resource of the essence.
TIUS-T, TIUS-TM1 - Reverse transmission control subsystems ensure blocking of control apparatus of transmission of differen types vechicle to protect it from misoperation of mechanic-driver.
TIUS-MB - Subsystem designed for facilitation of mechanic-driver work at the cost of automation of prelaunching preparation control procedure and main engine launching, operation modes and main engine protection systems, ensuring road signalization and main engine and auxiliary tank systems current parameters display.
TIUS-D, TIUS-DZ, TIUS-D55 - Subsystems designed for betterment of manoeuvrability parameters of vehicle at the cost of automation of fuel supply process, transmissions switching and turn control, which ensure generating principles of turn on/off high/low gear, generating principles of turn control, executive transmissions mechanism control accordingly to generated principles for implementation of switching modes, turning and fluent start tank movement.
TIUS tank Command and Control Systems are used in T-84 tanks, they can be adapted during modernization of tank of earlier generations (T-55, T-64, T-72, T-80UD) which enables to upgrade corresponding parameters to the level of the modern Main Battle Tank.
TIUS equipment was successfully tested during T-84 tank trials, which were carried out in the framework of international tenders in Turkey, Greece and Malaysia.

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