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company logoLviv Radio Engineering Research Institute (LRERI), Ukraine

Millimeter Radar Instrument
for Measurement of Land Vehicle
Movement Parameters (RIMMP)

RIMMP is millimeter wave radar, which ensure the precision measurement of movement velocity, path and time of a motion. Radar is specially designed for application on mobile using activities with the purpose of creation on its base navigators and control complexes of different purpose;

Radar is applied for operation in conditions of impact loads, under vibration and in wide temperature interval. You are not mistake, when choose radar for equipment of locomotives, wheel and crawler belt vehicles and other using activities, which require high accuracy measurement of movement parameters.

Doppler radar for measurement of land vehicle mevement parameters


Complete Set

Radar consists of two separated units: receiver-transmitter unit and measurement unit with bidirectional swapping interface RS-232. 


Receiver-transmitter unit

- wave length range - 5mm;
- transmitter is designed on the base of generation on avalanche transit time diode with driving power 50 mVt;
- antenna system cosysts of two receiver-transmitter horns, the electrical axis of which are get out of plumb for +45° and -45°  (toward-backward).

Measurement unit

- is designed on a base of a low-power, hight-performance CMOS 8-bit microcomputer AT89C52;
- swapping interface - RS-232. At the customers request the additional swapping interfaces are RS-485 and "Manchester-2"; 

- guarantees built-in functional control, which locate a fault up to structurally independent unit; 
- products full range of radar supply voltage; 
- emission turn in - with the help of measurement block toggle switch or after external command logical "1" of TTL level. 

Data updating frequency 

- movement velocity, path and time of a motion are updated with the frequency of 10 Hz or 1 Hz; 
- discretenessof reading information by customer is defined by master swapping device. Requirements to the installation on using activity 
- installation heigh - 0.5-2 m over the roadbed; 
- error of receiver-transmitter unit installation angle (relatively to horizontal plane) is not more then +-1°.

Usage parameters

- when installing radar on using activity recalibration on l-kilometer flat section of road is necessary. Limit of road adjustment 
accuracy is 3·10-3 m.;
- customer’s software (for IBM compatible computers) for radar recalibration and testing is available. Software for IBM-compatible computers which permit radar initialization and adjustment, control its type of operation, represent output information, accumulates and processes input data is also delivered. 

Main specifications

Accuracy parameters
- relative error of movement velocity measurement (root-mean-square deviation) - 0.1%;
- relative error of path of motion measurement (root-mean-square deviation) - 0.1%;
- relative error of time of motion measurement (root-mean-square deviation) - 10-3.

Supply voltage
- 12 V or 24 V DC

Input power
- not more than 30 VA 

- receiver-transmitter unit - 185×140×65 mm;
- measurement unit - 330×225×70 mm.

Environmental specifications
- operating temperature: -50°C ... +50°C; 
- storage temperature:    -60°C ... +60°C.

Time multiplexed mechanical impact
- 5 - 10 ms duration;
- peak impact acceleration - 20g.

- operating 5 g within the range of 10-200 Hz

Atmospheric precipitation
- intensity - 5 mm per hour 

Marine fog
- water content - 2-3 g/m.


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