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  LRERI undertakes fee based R&D activity relating to radar technology and armoured vehicles based command and control systems (vetronics) in accordance with the performance specifications presented by the customers. 
  Company Headquarters:
7, Naukova St.,
Lviv, 79060,

Tel: 380 322 632550

Fax: 380 322 632550



LRERI offers to the world market subjects the services on carrying out research and development works in creation new equipment in the sphere of radar technology and radioengineering systems of different purpose in the broad band up to 95 GHz and armoured vehicles based Command and Control systems.

LRERI offers the line of products relating to millimeter wave radars and land vehicle electronics (vetronics).

R&D Services:
| Surveillance Radars | Millimeter Wave Radars for Artillery Sighting | Fire Control Radars |
| Armoured Vehicle Fire Control Systems | Armoured Vehicle Movement Control Subsystem |
| Armoured vehicle Navigation Subsystem | Armoured Vehicle Laser Weapon Defense Subsystem |
| Collision Avoidance Radar | Millimeter Wave Radar for Maintaining the Distance |
| Millimeter Wave Radar for Measurement of Land Vehicle Movement Parameters |
| Muzzle velocity Millimeter Wave Radar System |
| Armoured Vehicles Based Command and Control Systems |

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